Let’s eliminate the unnecessary so you can see your family and the love you share for one another. It’s hard to remove all the clutter in our lives and to see our true treasure. I know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in portraiture. Showing the joy and the love for your family and children, what could be better?

Natural Color Portraits

Keep it simple, for color portraits: the colors do not have to match, but colors must be harmonious, so that one person will not dominate the scene. With tops, long sleeves are best for adults and older children, matching tones in pants. The best are earth tones – browns, burgundies, blues, and tans, not mixed together but in groups that compliment each other.

Black and White Portraits

For our Stylized Black & White portraits it’s a little simpler. The style of the tops can differ in collar design, but long sleeves are even more important. We are now looking at tones, lights and darks. The lights are the faces and sometimes hands (smaller lights). When arms are not covered, they become secondary subjects and can distract the eyes just as with the wrong colors. Dark to black pants are also a must.

Lifestyle Portraits

Yes we have lifestyle portraits and any number of other portrait options as well. Like all fads, some lifestyle portraits can be short lived or only appropriate at limited times of a year. A commercial fashion style of photo has no soul, because that type of image is selling clothing and not capturing the love of one family member for another. A lifestyle portrait that is well designed and planed for can be outstanding. The focal point is now on the family, not on their clothes. Now your eye enjoys the people in the portrait instead of all the distracting colors.

Important Studio Policy Notice

Clothing- It is so important in selecting outfits that are coherent, and will make pleasing portraits. Remember that busy patterns, stripes and bright colors are distractions from: the face, or faces, in the portrait. Color coordination lends harmony. While all clothing colors do not have to mach, remember colors should be harmonious. Dark clothing tends to minimize body size, while light shades do the opposite. Long sleeves are always the best for adults and older children.

As a portrait craftsman, Rudy Pollak, reserves the right to reschedule the session and charge for the lost time where clothing is not harmonious with the style of portraiture our studio creates. Your brief investment of time to prepare your wardrobe ensures the highest quality and enduring portraits. I will no longer “Just take the picture.”