What is the first step?
Set an appointment for a pre-portrait consultation. “The Chat” This is so important to meet with you beforehand. It really helps Rudy do a better job for you. You will have a chance to talk about your family and how you relate to each other. What you would like to see in your portrait and what this portrait means to you. If you happen to have a snapshot of your family Rudy would love to see it. We’ll also get around to talking about the photography part, the different sizes and the investment in your portraits. Not everyone needs to attend this appointment, but all are welcome. You also learn how the portrait process unfolds to help you get the best portrait possible. Before we started the chat our portraits were a hit or miss. With this consultation our clients have been delighted with their portraits. Take a look at what our clients say, Rudy believes they say it best.
Where is our photography session?
The photography session at the studio, at the park or a special location. Rudy is wonderful with families, children and your pets. You will enjoy his light humor and enthusiasm. Rudy keeps the session short and fun, what’s surprising is how much fun it can be. A studio session may only last 15 to 25 minutes, many children don’t want to leave. Rudy believes that your enjoyment is key to great expressions. With the outdoor session it’s a little longer but the children are usually older and go along well. At special locations Rudy will always do a ‘gosee’. When you remove issues before they happen you can solve challenges easier, avoid distractions and delays that can interrupt the flow.
How do we select our portraits?
Your Premiere Viewing is your time to select and purchase a lifetime treasure. Rudy will select a few images from your gallery of images for a presentation with music. This is done at the studio with those making the selections. You may select any image you would like. Although the Premiere Viewing is enjoyable, kids get bored and fidgety, distracting you from your selections. We encourage you to take this opportunity to invest a wall portrait for your home. Rudy will help you select the perfect size. Not what’s right by him but what’s right for you. Rudy will also be able to talk with you about any special enhancement and stylization that is needed to make your portrait wonderful.
What other services are included?
Artwork Enhancement and Stylizing. George will personally enhance and stylize your portraits. George can help you look even more gorgeous or handsome. All ordered portraits include enhancement and stylization as necessary. Yes, stylization is included at no extra charge and is (for the most part) “softening shadows under eyes, smoothing skin, eliminating blemishes and cleaning up stray hairs.” Wall portrait (16×24 Accent size and grater) include any necessary expression changes and any additional stylizing at no additional cost. Expression and special enhancements for smaller portraits may incur an additional fee per request. We are happy to discuss any special requests you have at the time of your order.
How do I get my portrait order?
You can pick up the portraits at our studio or you can have them shipped to a location of your choice. As we have a service do this for us, additional fees will apply to packing, insurance and shipping.
What's included in my Portrait Certificate?
Our Special Framed 4×6 Artist Portrait Sampler. If you opt to only get the Framed 4×6 Artist Portrait Sampler that is included in your gift certificate, that’s ok. We will still stylize, mount and frame your portrait just as all our portraits. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to photograph your family. We are truly grateful that we have had an opportunity to serve you.
Do you keep portrait files stored?
Your portrait files will be kept active for one year from the date of your portrait session. Although we will archive the files we cannot guarantee that they will always be available. We encourage you to purchase your portraits now before your opportunity and life are filled with other distractions. Digital files are not for sale.
Do I only get one pose?
No. George will photograph several arrangements usually in one clothing selection. If we are doing a family, George will also photograph mom & dad together the children together and alone. It’s a photography session and unless you tell us otherwise we do this naturally. Extended families are additional.
What do I wear?
See our Look Great for Your Portraits page.
I found someone who provides the same service for less.
Well, what can I say? Please consider that saving a few dollars here might not be money well spent. Rather, the opposite is actually true. Folks can spot a “cheap portrait” a mile away, and (at that point) it can only reflect back on you, not the photographer. George is one of the top family portrait photographers in the country. He always liked a commercial he saw on the TV. It was two images and under each image was the word ROCK. The 1st image was an ordinary rock, and the second was a beautifully cut and polished diamond. For a family portrait you may only have once in a lifetime, what would you chose? We would always wish you well; we believe your best choice would be to choose us.
Are you locked into the answers to these FAQ?
Absolutely not, we can tailor a portrait to your specific requirements, and are very flexible to work with. We are “client-centered” and “service-oriented” and welcome any suggestions you have. If at the consultation George feels that he cannot create what you’re looking for, he will refer you to an associate that may be better for you. Selecting a portrait photographer is selecting a style of portraiture, and asking some to create something outside of their style can be risky.