There are a lot of photographs being created these days, and it seems there is no time put into the planning of the “portrait.” Just take the picture! What they are really saying is: We really don’t want to be here. I have heard that too many times, so I created a new studio benefit. I will no longer create portraits that way, there is a better way. Your portrait is going to be displayed in your home for a very long time, probably in a very prominent location, in a formal living room or the family room, maybe over the fireplace. A family portrait is more important than any other decor items in your home. It’s you and your family and as such, it needs to exceed your expectations and look outstanding! This is personal.

Although many clients love their family pictures on their phones, that’s because it’s their family, they really don’t want to put that picture on the wall, because it’s just not artistic. They can see something is just not right, they don’t know what it is but they can see it. What is it that makes all the difference in an artistic portrait vs. a picture? There are several things and I personally go over these things at your pre portrait consultation. The single biggest problem in family portraiture today, is poor to awful clothing selections for a family portrait. It’s hard to see the family with so many colors and patterns and styles all screaming for attention. This is not a fashion show; it’s a timeless family treasure! Your eye travels all through the images looking more at the clothes, and the distractions rather than at the people. When the viewer’s eye looks at the portrait, there is no one point of interest. It’s not artistic and does not measure up to be wall worthy.

There is a better way. We will discuss clothing selections with you. To suggest colors and clothing styles that enhances the viewing experience for all who will be enjoying it. How can you do this? It’s simple; Lets take the time to do it right and coordinate how people are dressed for the portrait. So you can see there is some consistency and harmony to the clothing selection. Your Family portrait will look so much better, and it will be outstanding in your home?

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