vision-imgOur Vision is to help you create an Emotionally Filled, Beautifully Designed Personal Treasure that Enriches your life for a life time. Rudy is a passionate craftsman with a vision for outstanding portraits in a world class classic black and white style that touches your heart.

People ask him why he has everyone dress in long sleeve black clothing. It’s to solve one of the biggest problems in family portraiture today, poor to awful clothing selections for a group portrait. It’s hard to see the family with so many colors and patterns and styles all screaming for attention. This is not a fashion show; it’s a timeless family treasure!

Let’s eliminates the unnecessary so you can see your family and the love you share for one another. It’s hard to remove all the clutter in our lives and to see our true treasure. Leonard da Vinci knew that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this is so true in portraiture. Showing the joy and the love for your family and children, what could be better?

Simplicity is always beautiful

To Rudy there is no greater treasure in life than his family. “I enjoy our family portraits so much that it’s hard for me to understand why everyone would not want one. I also think we create the best family portraits in the Bay Area, if not the entire state.” What’s keeping you from owning a Delgado?