From The Heart

From the Heart is a financial assistance program sponsored by George Delgado for several years. The Delgado studio has supported local schools, charities, and organizations through its auction donation program. Mr. Delgado is an outstanding Award Winning Portraitist. Our “From the Heart” auction program provides a wonderful tool to select schools, charities, and organizations to raise funds in a completely risk-free manner.

From the Heart portrait program, celebrates Life, Love and your Family in Stunning Black & White Portraits that touch the soul. George’s World Class Stunning Black & White Portraits are well copied throughout the country but never duplicated.

This very generous program provides valuable certificates from the Delgado studio that are sold at a very effective savings. The school, charities, or organization pays absolutely nothing for the certificates and keeps all the proceeds. This program has proven to be an excellent goodwill vehicle for all concerned and a successful risk-free fundraiser for many in the community.

How can we afford to do this?

We have greatly enjoyed being a benefactor to many fine schools, charities, and organizations in the area, and we have benefited from the new circle of friends that have come to us as a result. We will continue our support as long as we are financially able to do so. With the selling of certificates to people who are enthusiastic about our portraits, and able to invest in Stunning Black and White Portraits. It is an excellent way to see this program continue year after year. Our approach is very low key. We simply provide the finest Stunning Black and White portraiture available and people respond to it by ordering additional or larger size portraits. That’s how we can afford to give back to the community in this way. We are confident this program would be a winning situation for all concerned.

If you’re interested or have any questions, just give us a call at 760-691-9892 or complete the short form below. George would be happy to send you information with all the details.

  • 05-17-08 Joann & Radit Tantisira.16.1-2
  • 11-03-12 Tiffany & Barron Hong.046+51.2.Finial-2
  • 03-10-12 Csuback Boys.22.1-2
  • 08-18-08 Victoria Thorp (Daughters).035.3.6x9-2
  • 11-06-10 Sarah & Luke Brown.2.1-2